How Clients say they benefited


"I sit working on the laptop all day without pain"

"If I cough or sneeze I dont leak, much happier feel normal"

"My pain is better controlled, I'm not worried any more"

"Not thinking about the IBS, the pain problem's gone"

"My pain is not the big thing in life it was"

"I'm getting on with people much better now"

"Managed to complete the half marathon in my best time!"

"Not limping & in pain every week after hockey" 

"Mum is doing well, great to have her out of residential care"

"It's good to know your help is at the end of the phone"

"My balance is much better, I'm learning tango"

"I'm getting to a lunch club going out more, much happier"

"I've got my life back, umpiring playing bowls"

"I can kneel, grass is cut, plants in garden looks good"

"I've got so much more energy, I've started an art class"

"I've got so much done after just two sessions"

"I can walk much further I'm safer, the dogs are happy"

"I'm not focussed on pain but enjoying singing in choir now"

"I'm feeling a lot more optimistic & getting more done"

"My wife says I'm more relaxed, easier to live with"

"The sessions forced me to take some time for my health"

"We've had our first holiday away in years"

"Fear of heights under control, skied did chair lifts"

"I'm happier & I've completely changed my career"

"Shoulder fine had a great time on Centre Parks water slides"

"Surgeon offered more injections but I said I no"

"My consultant said I've done well and no surgery needed"

"It's great to be back playing rugby, so much confidence"

"Back rowing without fears, planning some competitions"

"I'm performing at more gigs, confident & expressive"

"Life just feels better now my aches & pains have gone!

"I'm sleeping well, not tired in the day"

"I can walk for 8 miles now with a group, which is amazing"

"There just seems so much more to life now"

"Everything is so much better, I'm got boundaries"

"My elbow bends, I can brush my hair & put on face cream"

"I got my first ever hole in one at golf"

"The sessions helped me discover how to more better"

"I realize I need to put some time aside for my health"









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