Jill Wigmore-Welsh The Movement Connoisseur
  Jill Wigmore-Welsh  The Movement Connoisseur 

The Movement Connoisseur                     Jill Wigmore-Welsh 

Art of Human Being

"Come and learn to make your life better

How to feel more happy with less pain

How to change a habit that's not good

Book movement lessons, so you sprint again


Amaze the surgeon who said an op's the only way

Surprise your ageing friends. You get younger everyday 


Check in your brain & nervous system for an MOT

Routine retuning, rewiring, remaps can be done

At any stage of life

The journey should be fun


Transformation & success is down to you


What you believe, imagine, dream about comes true "

© Jil Wigmore-Welsh 2017

More Detail at www.BornToMove.org.uk

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